Fostering a nation of active and fit teens


TeenFitNation strives to foster a nation of active and fit teens by developing set of solutions to track, monitor and reward physical activities. The tracking is done using specialized age specific activity calculations with support from parents, guardians, educators and peers.


Our Work

Did you know -

  • Childhood obesity and related co-morbidities (juvenile diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease and some cancers) are of primary health concerns for US adolescents ages 10-19 years
  • 21% of US teenagers are obese and obese teens are twice as prone to acquiring Type 2 Diabetes and asthma
  • In 2010, Childhood obesity was declared an epidemic in the United States. Today, cost of treatment in USA is ~$14B and is expected to reach ~$30B by 2030
  • Documented evidence of reduced physical activity for teenagers is a significant contributor to higher BMI and obesity

  • Public/Private School systems do a great job of tracking Academic Progress via Standardized Tests.But there are no Standardized system for Physical Activity Level measurements
  • Tracking and monitoring the physical activity levels of adults using popular devices today cannot be used for Adolescents and older Teens.

National Attention to Curb Childhood Obesity-

  • Presidential Proclamation --National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (Sept), First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move!initiative and creation of the Task Force on Childhood Obesity (2010).
  • CDC starts Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Project (CORD) (2011).
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued new school nutrition regulations (2012).
  • USDA adds Childhood Obesity Challenge to their top 5 research initiatives (2014).
  • Retired military leaders worry recruit population is "Too Fat to Fight"(2014).

What are we doing -

  • TeenFitNation has developed a unique tracking, measuring and monitoring system using specialized age specific activity algorithms for adolescents and older teenagers, different from those used to track adults.
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About Us

The management team at TeenFitNation has an average of 20 years of professional experience in the fields of IT architecture, management, sales and biomedical research. More importantly, we are parents who were deeply concerned with tracking our kids physical and academic activities.

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